Lock Access

Igloohome Locks

Door Access


Our property is equipped with a lockbox for your convenience.

To access the home, follow the steps below and you can watch the video to see it in action:

To open the lockbox and retrieve your keys, perform the following steps:

  1. Press any key on the keypad to the wake the device up
  2. Key in the door code shown above
  3. Press the "unlock" icon in the center
  4. The status indicator will flash green twice with 4 short ascending tones once unlocked
  5. Once unlocked, the front of the lock swings down to reveal the keys

Note: After 3 invalid pin entries in a row, the lock will enter a 5-minute cooldown period.

Alternate Procedure

Sometimes, a code just doesn't work.  When that is the case, maintenance will issue you a Bluetooth key.

  1. Download Igloohome from App Sore / Play Store
  2. Open App
  3. If prompted, allow Location
  4. If prompted, allow Bluetooth
  5. If prompted, allow Notifications
  6. Create an account and login
  7. Click the Bluetooth key that as emailed or texted
  8. Use the app to unlock the lockbox
  9. Lockbox face folds from top to down towards you